Baby Massage Teacher

Baby Massage Teacher

As part of my postnatal doula care, I’m always happy to share some baby massage techniques which can help to relieve your baby from discomfort due to wind, colic, constipation, and reflux. Baby massage is stimulating, relaxing and offers for one to one interaction between carer and baby.

Further benefits of baby massage are well researched, and include

For Baby

  • Feeling securely attached
  • Feeling more loved, valued and respected
  • Reduced crying, emotional distress, and production of stresshormones
  • Increased levels of relaxation and longer sleep
  • Aids postural development
  • Development of body awareness, flexibility, and coordination
  • Relief from wind, colic, constipation and teething discomfort

For you 

  • Feeling closer to your baby
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of your baby’s nonverbal behavior, crying and body language
  • Providing an enjoyable opportunity for you to spend focused one-to-one time with your baby
  • Feeling the relaxing effects of giving your baby a massage
  • Increased confidence in your ability to care for and nurture your baby
  • Learning a life-long parenting skill which will help you to calm your baby in times of stress