Birth Doula

Birth Doula

I truly believe women and birthing people have the ability to grow and birth peacefully, physiologically and without much interference from a clinical perspective. I believe in individualised birthing, that the birthing person’s voice is the most important in the room and they should be supported to birth the way they wish to. ​I understand that unforeseen circumstances result in the necessity for undesired medical intervention and am extremely thankful for these resources being available to the women, birthing people and babies that rely on them. That being said, I do not support interventions which are suggested due to hospital policy rather than strong evidence-based information and research.

Within the birth doula package I include the following:

  • Free introductory meeting (30mins)
  • Three home visits before birth, at least one of them, if applicable, with your supportive person – partner, family member or other. (90mins)
  • We will discuss your birth option and preferences, I will signpost you to evidence based research so you are able to make informed choices. I will also discuss the best ways to build positive relationships with your midwife and caregivers. Work with your supportive person so they are aware of the ways in which they can support you. Work through any anxieties you may have and discuss your natural coping techniques for labour so I can offer you support best catered to your needs
  • I will be available for you through your pregnancy from the moment you confirm my booking as your birth doula
  • I will also refer you to a resource pack of material which includes a reading list, website list and useful articles related to pregnancy and childbirth

During Labour & Birth

  • I will be on call 24 hours per day for your due period starting week 38 until the baby is born(this is flexible in cases where early or later birth is expected)
  • During your labour I will come whenever you feel you need me, I will stay with you throughout your labour (though in cases of a long labour I may need to leave to rest or swap with my back up doula) and offer continuous emotional, physical and evidenced-based informational suport until you and your baby are settled together (Usually 1-4 hours after baby’s birth)

After Birth 

  • I will visit you once you are at home, this visit is an opportunity to debrief your birth, support with infant feeding and for me to offer any emotional, physical or informational support you require. (90mins)
  • For the first 6 weeks after baby’s birth I am available to support/signpost you to services regarding any postnatal period questions via text, email and phone
  • Please speak with me about my availability to be booked separately as a Postnatal doula

This is my basic package but I’m happy to adapt this to suit your needs, please get in touch to discuss further