My Philosophy

My Philosophy

Throughout our history, women/ birthing families have consistently sought warmth, direction, and wisdom from their wise circles to center themselves on the journey to parenthood.  The way in which we birth has enormous influence on our lives, our babies’ development, as well as being a reflection of our society as a whole. I understand the power that birth and postpartum has to make or break bonds, to heal ourselves and to have a reach far greater and heal deep wounds in our societies as well as establish a base for our future generations to build from. Being such an intimate and powerful time the guidance of  those with experience can be grounding  and encourage us to remember our primal strengths when it comes to birth and mothering/ parenting.

It is an honor to be present and witness women discovering their power and walk with them on the path to revealing it.

I have experience working with families with varying needs: those with previous birth/ breastfeeding trauma, single-parent families, LGBT+ families, gestational diabetes, multiples, miscarriage, early induction, VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) and those with more complex existing medical needs including disabilities and physical restrictions.

I have supported clients birthing at home, hospital and birth centers including induction and elective cesarean births.

I am an intersectional feminist, this deeply ties into my birth work. For me, it is imperative that we address the disparities in care which negatively affect black and brown people and other marginalised groups, LGBTQ+ people and others who face inequality of due to their identity.