Sweet words from clients

Selena, baby Gabriella & A’isha +
I am writing to let you know about the fantastic and lovely lady Robyn who has been helping me with breastfeeding my daughter Gabriella. Gabriella was born 1.8 kg and a very hungry baby, I was having to keep up with the cluster feeds and was really struggling initially. When Robyn came to visit me in my home she made me feel so comfortable and had such a calming aura about her. Robyn demonstrated how to get a good latch and how to make Gabriella feel comfortable during a feed. Also, all about responsive feeding and having a good bond with baby. Gabriella is currently 3.33kg and really doing well. Throughout all the meet ups and conversations on the phone Robyn has not just been an advisor but I feel also a person I feel extremely comfortable to entrust my feelings to. There are no words to express how truly grateful I am to Robyn for helping Gabriella and myself. I just wanted to send my gratitude and really special thank you
Saoirse +
Robyn was so supportive before, during and after birth. She has a wonderful energy which was felt by all who met her, radiating calmness during labour she put me at ease and I could not imagine the birth of my son without her support in pregnancy. Her knowledge gave me the confidence to trust my body and enabled me to have the natural birth that I had dreamt of. She was also a sanity saver when I was struggling to breastfeed and I have no doubt that she facilitated my successful breastfeeding journey. I cannot recommend her highly enough and am so grateful to have come across her on my search for a doula
Annabel +
I absolutely loved getting to know Robyn and feel lucky to have had her practical and emotional support. She was so happy to share her knowledge and experience and always in the most gentle and supportive way. I can”t think of a better start as a new parent and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.
Tereza and Matt +
Robyn was calming and reassuring. She helped me with breathing techniques and to maintain a positive mindset during labour. Robyn also supported me with breastfeeding and babywearing, she demonstrated using different slings. Robyn was supportive, calming, open minded and non judgemental, it was a great birthing experience and we were very grateful to have Robyn with us.
Wei Soik +
Robyn was kind, encouraging, supportive and calm throughout my labour. I would encourage other women to have a doula as they have access to information others may not have, women should be with experience women in labour and I was very happy to have Robyn with me. Robyn was extremely sensitive to my culture and our traditional care after childbirth, she made me feel comfortable when talking to her. If I had another pregnancy I would call Robyn to be my doula as she was friendly, knowledgeable, patient and helpful.
Sia & Pablo +
Robyn listened to and supported my desire for a natural birth and provided me with information to encourage me and give me confidence. She also was able to provide my partner with knowledge and was very patient when communicating this with him. We were able to develop a close relationship throughout my pregnancy meaning that I felt safe and completely trusted her during my labour. During labour Robyn was able to constantly reassure my partner without disturbing me, she knew when to provide hands on physical support (back massages) and when to give me space during contractions. She kept my environment dimly lit and quiet. When my two older children woke up Robyn’s calm presence enabled them to feel calm and at ease too which meant I wasn’t disturbed by their curiosity. My partner later told me she explained to them what was happening which was helpful and reassuring for them and she gently encouraged them to allow me space when needed. My partner found her guidance at this time around what she should do to help me very useful and this enabled him to support me in the way that I needed at this time. In the immediate postnatal period Robyn visited me three times, her support to me was invaluable at this time as I was feeling very vulnerable and extremely emotional during this time. At this time my partner was adjusting to our new situation and this had a detrimental effect on our relationship in some ways and he was not supporting me in the way that I needed. As such Robyn’s practical and emotional support was very important to me. Robyn’s gentle, empathetic nature and calming presence was invaluable to me during pregnancy, birth and especially post partum. If I had another baby I would undoubtedly have a doula as I feel that her support during pregnancy enabled me to have more confidence birthing in the way that I wanted.
Ayesha and Xavier +
Robyn was extremely understanding and empathetic as my postnatal doula and her focus on me while everyone around me focused on my new baby was a huge relief. Her understanding was also potentially key to my emotional recovery postpartum and supporting my alone bonding time with my new baby when she took my older children out. Her knowledge on birth and breastfeeding was very helpful to my partner. Her empathy was especially notable and much needed in my postnatal period. Robyn was knowledgeable and able to gently informed my partner and also navigated the dynamic that emerged in my family during the postnatal period very sensitively.
Mel and Peter +
Robyn gave me advice on my birth plan, affirmations for the birth, venues for the birth etc. She got to know my husband and son and asked my husband for any questions she might have. Robyn provided ad hoc encouragement and support when needed throughout my due period. As I was taken into the surgical ward and my husband was not allowed to accompany me, Robyn provided much-needed company for my husband who need someone to offload to and hear his concerns. She was really supportive to him and he really benefited from her being there. After giving birth, Robyn helped to debrief with myself and my husband after the traumatic experience. She helped me to talk through my treatment by the hospital staff and my disappointment about not being able to have the birth that I had hoped for. She encouraged me to have skin to skin with my newborn to help promote bonding and to encourage the baby to root. She praised me and my husband and genuinely made us feel better by being there. She also encouraged us to think about debriefing with the hospital due to our concerns about our treatment during and after labour. Robyn texted me daily after the birth, answering my questions about breastfeeding and checking to see how I was coping. Three days after the birth, Robyn visited us at home to help assist with breastfeeding. She taught me some new positions that made it easier to breastfeed with a cesarean. We did some more debriefing about the birth and she again encouraged me to think about speaking with the hospital. She also spoke with my husband and mother-in-law about my recovery from the cesarean and both commented on how calm she was. Robyn told them that she was proud of my breastfeeding journey and my attitude after the traumatic birth. I would employ Robyn again! While the birth did not go completely to plan, the pregnancy felt a lot more relaxed because I had employed her. She made me feel more confident that I would be able to achieve my hopes and that if, for whatever reasons, things did not go to plan, that I would be able to handle that too. She made my husband feel more reassured throughout the pregnancy and birth too. I would advise other families to make sure to find a doula that makes you feel comfortable and that you have a good vibe with from the beginning. As Robyn said during our first meeting, ‘You have to be able to imagine having a poo in front of this person’! It is definitely worth having a doula as the feeling of having a professional who is an advocate for you and independent of the hospital is empowering. Robyn has a calming warm aura that is infectious. She makes you feel relaxed and capable of the things you have planned. My family found her incredibly supportive and down to earth. She listens well to your needs and finds resources which help you. She tailors her work to her clients’ requirements. She was empathetic from the first meeting all the way through to the after the birth. I would not feel as positive about the pregnancy and birthing experience as I do without Robyn acting as my doula. She took into consideration, was mindful and sensitive to my circumstances when it came to the situation of my eldest child who is currently going through an autism assessment. She was aware of all my concerns about how the birth would affect my son and really made me feel heard. When I decided to be induced because of the toll the length of the pregnancy was taking on my son, she talked me through the more negative consequences of the induction processes I was considering but she presented these mindfully and without judgement. From my husband: I found Robyn to be calm, reassuring and knowledgeable and want to thank her for the support she provided me during the hospital/birthing experience.